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A Success


Magnus Coneflower

I have long been familiar with Echinacea and thought it was a pretty cool plant, but it was when discovered it under a different name “Magnus” that we fell in love with it.

Last september we were pretty settled into our new home in Mississippi and I found this plant at the hardwood store on clearance. I have wanted to try this plant in my garden for a while but just never got around to it, so I picked it up and took it home. Magnus needed this plant after all.

I dug a hole for it and wondered if it would grow here. You see our house and yard is built on sand. Not wanting to go get any dirt I just planted it and hoped for the best. Within a month the flowers were dead and the plant look just about dead as well. I shrugged my shoulders and moved on.

About February, I think, I noticed that it was coming back. And just this week the first of about 12 buds is fully opened.


Since that first planting I have tried a variety of other flowers in the sand. Some have lasted longer than others but so far this is the only one I’d call a success. It actually came back the next year!


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Believe it or not this looks 100 times better that it did just a few minutes before. I just didn’t have the heart to take a picture my new garden in such a mess. Those sad little plants were all over the yard, and there is still one missing. I guess our new housemate ate it. I swept, raked, and gathered the dirt as best I could but I think I lost about half of what I put in. Sigh… I should have known better than to plant a garden in her favorite digging spot. Sigh… I haven’t given up, my garden will win in the end, but I’m just not sure of my strategy yet. Any suggestions for keeping your dog from digging in a certain spot?

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Flower garden made and planted. (I love early spring around here)


No shoes at the park.


Unbrushed hair. (Yes, I did take her to the hardwood store without brushing her hair today. Hopefully we don’t have too many tangles tomorrow.)


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New Header Image

I did end up getting a couple of my beloved red tulips this year. I thought they were going to be pink but I was wrong. I just love the painted inside. Today this one was wide open taking in the sun. The very center of the flower is so bright it almost hurts my eyes to look at it. I find myself squinting as if I were looking at the sun.

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The tulips are finally out. These are my favorite spring flower and I’m glad mine are finally here. While living in Ohio someone told me that if you want to protect your tulips from the squirrels than you should plant some daffodils along with them. I did this and it seems that the squirrels here in Washington prefer the daffodils over the tulips. It seems I have all my tulips plus more and only my one daffodil

Do Tulips change color? This is my third season of tulips. The first season there was only one pink and a lot of yellow and a beautiful red one. I don’t remember what colors I had last year, but this year with the exception of a couple of yellows they are all pink. Some are darker pink than others but pink none the less. I can’t explain it.

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I know almost a month is a bit late but I wanted to let you all know that Bronwyn has turned two. She enjoyed opening her presents much more than I would have ever guessed. Being uninterested in the presents at Christmas, I suspected at just a month later, her birthday would be the same. Boy was I wrong. I was also surprised that she knew how to blow out the candles. I was all prepared to blow them for her. It took her a few times but she knew just what to do. 

Today was the first day Bron and I have spend any time in the backyard this winter. Pretty sad, I know. I couldn’t hide in the house any longer. The long awaited warmth and sun was calling. Bron got right to work filling her basket with rocks, then plopped herself down in the sun to examine them.

Along with a ton of dead branches on the ground I found this interesting seedpod. I don’t know the species but it sure makes cute pods.

I’ve had few requests to finish up this rabbit pattern. This last weekend I had some free time, so I bought some yarn and got to work knitting one up. I decided to change the legs a bit, and the arms completely. I finished the knitting and pressing of one, but haven’t had a chance to sew him together yet. 

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They Got Another Ear

The came back for another one. I guess they couldn’t get it off so they just opened it up and ate as much as the could. I find this all interesting so I think I will sacrifice the rest of this one and my one remaining ear. Maybe I’ll catch them in the act.

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