A little crafting has been going on around here. I made myself a fabric fauxdori (Madori Travelers Notebook) a few weeks back along with some trial inserts. After using it for a few weeks trying out different types of notebooks, I decided that I needed a bunch of lined notebooks for journaling and scripture study and a few custom list notebooks for my routine. So I made some. A beautiful rainbow of them. 

For the notebooks I followed this tutorial. To make the lines on the paper I just opened a Word document and set the page up with two columns and filled the pages with underscore lines. 


A photo walk

Today I actually got out with the sole purpose of taking some pictures. Well some adult conversation as well. Funny thing though, I forgot my camera and was stuck using my phone. Regardless, I feel like celebrating because I went. 



I really thought I hated this plant. It pokes me as I walk to my front door, all the way through my clothes. It catches me off guard every time and makes me angry. I have to keep it trimmed way back to avoid this.

When I saw the center of it swelling and getting ready to send up some new leaves I furloughed my brow thinking about cutting off and hauling away the older leaves getting pricked and scratched all the while.

Then as these leaves started to grow and uncurl I forgave it for its pokey terrible leaves. These little uncurling leaves are so beautiful and worth any pokes and scratches I will have to endure.

At least I feel like this now.




Swimming season is upon us and the girls have signed up for swim team. There’s nothing like scheduling something for every single weekday, for a handful of weeks, to speed up time a bit. 


My beautiful daughter went to her first formal dance. Even a few days before the dance she was beaming with excitement and anticipation. It is really fun having a child old enough to be experiencing these types of things.

Prom1 Prom2 Prom3 Prom4 Prom5.1 Prom5 Prom6 Prom7 Prom8


A couple of weeks ago we had a huge storm in our neighborhood. Like many roofs now need replacing and many cars need body work due to the wind and hail. This is the night we decided to go camping.

Don’t worry we were not camping in our neighborhood and missed out on the hail. We were close though and got quite the surprise at 3:00 in the morning while all snug in our tents.

A night to remember for sure.

In the morning we found a few displaced critters including this spider.  To be honest, it seems kind of small now that I look at the pictures but we were all a little uncomfortable with the idea of him being under our tent.

I am glad we braved the rain though. We weren’t expecting such an exciting night but memories we definitely made.

And the next day…Sun


Toilet Paper Babies

Sometimes as a mother I get distracted and then notice that my two year old is being really quiet and I haven’t heard from him for a while.  I know you mothers out there know just what I’m talking about. Right?? 

Well, this time it was me realizing that Hollis was still in the bathroom and it has been quite some time. I peeked in to find him arranging a completely unrolled (a fresh roll no less) roll of toilet paper into a nice pile. He was so proud and stood up and declared “Baby!!” 

Not sure what he was talking about I asked him what he was doing and he started to gather this large pile of tissue and declared “Baby!” 

He quickly left the bathroom with as much of his pile he could carry and started talking about a blanket and wasn’t satisfied until I had it all wrapped up. 


It’s a good thing he’s so cute…