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To be completely honest,  as I drove into town, our NEW TOWN, this summer, I wasn’t really impressed with the scenery. I saw pretty trees, lots of green, there was rolling hills around but nothing really caught my eye. This is probably because I was a little distracted by the fact I had just left MY HOME with all of its accompanying friends, oh the friends…sigh, and was starting  over yet again. The weeks started rolling by, much quicker than normal and I had come to love this new home of ours. THE PEOPLE, oh the people,  are fantastic. I have never felt more at ease in a new location… EVER.  No instant best friends for any of us but lots of really kind, genuine, friendly, down to earth people who have made this the easiest transition to date.  However…

I still hadn’t been inspired by the nature in my surroundings. No biggie but pretty unusual. That is until I talked one of my new walking buddies to take me some parks I saw the map. This is where I saw for the first time, or maybe finally opened my eyes a bit, I saw something beautiful, and INSPIRING.

No it wasn’t the ancient ruins in Turkey, or beautiful sunsets along the water in Mississippi, not my ever favorite mountain in the back ground or a dense forest with a winding path, it was something different yet familiar and wonderful.

285 286 288 289 290 291

These pics can also be found on my photography website.

I swear my walking buddy thought I was crazy. It might be the fact that I was overly excited and even a bit emotional. For me, at this park, I found the piece I’d been missing. Finally I realized… I am HOME.


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A while back I talk about how I unintentional uncluttered my life. Well, my life now seems full and thriving but there has been a definite shift in what occupies my time. Sewing and general crafting has a very modest presence in my mind while family and home have taken the very front of my thoughts and seem to take up my time as well. Photography also has a much larger presence and seems to be filling my need to create. It doesn’t keep me up at night like sewing and crafting did but I do find that I wish I had more time to play around with my camera.

I have decided to embrace the change and just let some things go. This blog being one of them. I still plan on having my Birthday Give Away this year but I suspect it will be my last. We will see though.

I may drop into this space from time to time and I may be here regularly again someday too. For now, I can be found at my photography blog aprildanyelphotography.com with my current project 365 Photography Challenge still underway.

So unless I come here sooner, I be back here in April with some sewing fun and my Birthday Give Away.

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I’m a day late but we’ll just pretend that I’m not. I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving.





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Getting tired of these pics? Sorry, people this is all I’ve got right now. Taking all these pictures has inspired me however to get my family history organized, starting with my own family. So, for the next little while I can bet that most of my free time will be spend going through pictures and getting things organized. I have set a deadline for myself to get Year 14 organized so I can print it up in a book on time. That gives me until the 27th of this month. If you didn’t get that, we will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this month. 15 years!


Now back to the regular scheduled program :: pictures 40 – 46. For most of this week I didn’t have the use of my editing software. So, I decided that I’d post some instagram pictures.




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This week I played with an improve indoor portrait shoot for Hollis. I learned the importance of focusing right between the eyes so that both eyes are in focus. It makes a huge difference.



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