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Letting Go

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(Pictures from my walk yesterday)

If there is one thing that I am pretty good at, it is not over scheduling myself. When there are too many too dos on the list my brain seizes, anxiety sets in, I turn into Sargent Mom, and no body is happy. I know this about me. So, I try to plan accordingly.

Sometimes you just can’t avoid it. If I know this kind of day is coming and I don’t let the thought of it overwhelm me so I can think straight, I usually do as much prep work that I can. You know, do and extra load of laundry the day before if it can’t wait. If dinner is complicated and I can’t change it, I try to as much chopping and what not the night before. Things like that.

Well, today is one of those days. I did as much prep work that I could and knew in advance things would be a little crazy. Said major prayers that I wouldn’t say anything I would regret and just left the day up to God. If I had to miss an appointment because one went too long or if the kitchen was a total disaster, I would just have to let it go. I would do my best.

Napping – totally out of the question. Blogging – not today. Ha!

Should I be surprised? NO!

One of the things I need to work on in letting go. Just doing my best and leaving the rest up to God. It always works out if I do.

Today I ended up with a three hour break. Three hours! I got a restful nap, dinner ready to slide into the oven later, pictures uploaded, and a this blog post written.

I do still need to prepare for anticipated crazy days. However once I’ve done what I can I just need to let go and let it play out.



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