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It worked great

Thisbe claimed this one and filled it with her front yard rock collection.

Felted Bowl filled with Thisbe's Rocks

Felted Bowl with Thisbe's Rocks


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I realize that I have posted that I am not much of fan of weekends. (maybe it was on the family blog) What I really should have said was I struggle with Saturdays because I love Sundays.

Since church doesn’t start till 2 we stay in our pj’s till noon, the kids play happily, or sometimes watch a movie. For about a month now Sunday morning has been relaxing and looked forward too.

Yesterday was no different but I decided to do some knitting since the kids were being so good. I’ve been wanting to make felted bowls for a while now and when I saw this post a few days ago I realized that now was the time.

I didn’t use the posted pattern but I did use two strait needles. I casted on 100 sts with Patons Classic Wool Merino on 10 1/2 needles. (got the yarn at Joanns) I worked in garter stitch for about 2 inches or so then switched to a different color.  Knit 2 rows then started decreasing.  For the decrease I knit 8 knit 2 together all the way across then knit the next row. Knit 7 knit 2 together across and then knit the next row. I continued in this pattern decreasing the number of knits before the decrease every other row. Then I simply sewed up the seem and felted it. (if it works I’ll write it out better in post it in free patterns)

I was a bit disipointed when I pulled it from the washer since it was a flat circle. Not willing to give up I draped it over my small sauce pan and wrapped yarn around the fluted sides, smoothing it out as I went, to give it the proper shape. (Has anyone done this before?)

Waiting for it to dry by you.

My hope is that when it is dry it will retain its pan shaped shape and not open back up to a circle again but I wont know if it worked until it is dry. This morning it is very wet, especially where all the yarn is. It might be a couple more days.

I’ll let you know.

I also did a bit of sewing last night. I have a lesson that I need to prepare of a group of preschoolers and I needed a couple of bean bags. This problem was easily fixed with a rummage through the scrap box and a couple handfuls of rice.

Bean Bags by you.

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