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This weekend we celebrated Magnus turning 13. We now have two teenagers in the house. TWO!! Am I really old enough for this? I must be.

Magnus has been a delight from the very beginning. Loving, thoughtful, teachable, considerate and unselfish. I couldn’t be more proud to be his Mama.



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Thanksgiving Weekend

We have been having a very calm thanksgiving this year. Just the six of us. Everyone recovering from the stomach bug or enjoying some time away from school or other responsibilities.

We headed out for some fresh air today

and now I am preparing for another project by working through my bags of scraps. Today was the pinks bag and the browns bag. I think I only have 4 bags left. My goal is to get all the scraps organized and cut into 2, 3.5 and 6 inch strips. It has been fun to stroll down memory lane and think about what I was doing or where we lived when I sewed something with these fabrics.


Next up, some Beatles Rock Band and who knows what after that. Nothing is on the schedule till Sunday.

Hope you’re all enjoying time with your loved ones.

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Happy Monday! We are halfway through the month. Crazy!

Hope you all had a good weekend. I spent Saturday cleaning and sewing. Sunday was church all day. Regular services in the morning, a session of General Conference in the afternoon, break the fast at 3:00 and then another session of conference from 5:00-7:00.
Since we were out of town last week we have been playing catch up with General Conference. Just two more sessions to go.

The second quilt is finished and is just awaiting a photo shoot. I also started my next project, a small version of this quilt.

I’m excited to get going on my other projects. Hopefully some time opens up in my scheduled week so I can work on them.

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Hee hee, just couldn’t resist. No no no, I am not have twins but I did make a twin quilt to this one.

It turns out that it only takes one charm pack plus a few solids to make  the perfect sized baby quilt. And I just happened to have two. So, here is the second quilt.

The colors are not true in these photos. It was late in the day and the setting sun makes them seem extra warm.

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Birthday Wrap Up

Thank you for all your lovely comments and birthday wishes throughout the month. This has been another wonderful birthday month for me.

My birthday was so nice. I took a break from some of my chores (thank goodness we cleaned up the night before) and got to work with a friend figuring out winners for this years give away. While I invite and love new visitors to the blog, it was fun to have all but a couple of winners be people I have met and loved and return blog friends.

After the winners were chosen, said friend and another one and I headed out to a local restaurant for lunch. We had 3 moms and 3 little girls (non of which were mine). It was such a relaxing lunch for me. I didn’t have to mother any children and so I just watched these adorable little girls and was happy that I will get to enjoy this ┬ástage again. One little one treated me by insisting on siting on my lap to have her lunch. What a birthday gift! Little ones can be so shy sometimes and so this was a rare treat.

After lunch we headed home to enjoy some mommy conversation and some yummy homemade Southern Red Velvet Cake. Pecan cream cheese frosting and all. Shortly after visiting with these ladies, the cutest old man rang my doorbell. He was standing there with this bouquet of flowers and a box of fancy chocolate. (From my out of town hubby)

If I hadn’t already been having a wonderful day this experience would have made it for me. He was so happy to be delivering flowers to me and you could tell he loved his job. In his sweet gentle voice, he explained to me how to make the flowers last longer and so sweetly wished me a happy birthday that I almost cried in front of him. He was definitely the cutest thing ever.

After this, I had a little nap.

The kids started coming home and remembered that it was my birthday. Dave is not around to remind them and so they pretty much forgot. Gratefully , because of this, they were willing to make it up by helping me get my chores done.

So they worked while I wrapped all the presents. Thisbe got everyone fed and things cleaned up while I got the gifts ready to choose owners for them.

Next was Family Home Evening. We had a short lesson and the kids enjoyed some cake while I got started matching winners with gifts. This is my favorite part of the whole month. Being that I know most of the winners this year was extra fun. I was amazed that for many of drawings I couldn’t have chosen better gifts for that person had I planned it.

I had already been receiving responses to the emails I had sent out and so, as soon as the kids were off to bed, I got to work getting things ready to ship. By the time I went to bed I already had most of the parcels ready to ship out the next day. Yay!

Then it was off to bed.

So that was my day. I was a wonderful very relaxing day. I couldn’t have asked for more. FYI all packages have been shipped out that are not for local winners, minus one that will go out today. So winners, start watching your mail boxes.

Again, thank you all for your birthday wishes.

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It’s a…..


Magnus – “I can’t believe I get a brother!”

Bron – “I don’t care if mom has a baby anymore.”

Thisbe – “At least I don’t have to share a room anymore.”

I love all their first reaction comments. It’s so natural to be excited or disappointed when finding out something like this. I love it!

My reaction?

Well, I went into the ultrasound prepared for either but as soon as the doctor told me it was a boy I realized that I really wanted a girl. I would say that it took me a complete 24 hours to get on board with things. Now I can say that it seems completely right to be waiting to welcome a little boy into our home. I can only hope that the second half of my pregnancy goes just as fast.

July will be here in no time.




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*** Thanks for your thoughts on cleaning. I finished reading the book and am in the process of making the things I learned apart of my routine. I’ll let you know if it work out. ***

While teaching a new friend to knit the other day I became inspired to work with fiber again. It had been a couple of years since I picked up a pair of needles and was enjoying it again. I restarted some long unfinished stockings and realized real quick that I needed something different. That just wasn’t the project for me right now.

On friday I read this post and was reminded how very beautiful Margaret Oomen’s work is and also that I remember seeing a tutorial out in blogland somewhere. After a little search I found the tutorial and got to work. For some reason I was having trouble following the directions and decided to try covering a stone with an improvised pattern. There was a bit of trial and error but I love how it turned out.

I loved revisiting the crochet hook as well. It had been more years than I remember since I had used one of those. And just like the tutorial stated, I could not make just one. Here is my own little still life.

Now my brain is thinking colors. Wouldn’t a stone look pretty in a robin’s egg color or something. We’ll see if I get around to it.

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