This is a rare scene that I hope to see more of. 


Getting Started

I have got my time organized and now all that is left for me to do is get to work.

Tuesday – Blog

That’s what it said on my schedule. For one reason or another I decided to not give up on this blog.

Today I bring you my daily companion, dramatically playing with his favorite little people character.

The Chicken

This is the scene just after getting knocked out in their wrestling match.




This weekend we celebrated Magnus turning 13. We now have two teenagers in the house. TWO!! Am I really old enough for this? I must be.

Magnus has been a delight from the very beginning. Loving, thoughtful, teachable, considerate and unselfish. I couldn’t be more proud to be his Mama.


Well hello there…

It sure has been a while. Things got crazy and this blog was removed from the to do list.

With all the craziness of summer camps, packing and moving I somehow managed to finish all 6 of my quilts before the move. 3 scrap penny patch quilts and 3 baby quilt for new mamas. However, all the pictures are still on my camera waiting to be uploaded. I hope to show them to you but I am not committing to anything right now. Well anything except enjoying my summer and finishing the unpacking.

I do have some fun news though. My baby Hollis turned 2 yesterday. Here are some pics from his day. All and more found on Instagram #hollisis2 Follow me at lirpacrom.














Well, it happened. I turned 38. Funny though, when I imagine what 38 years is like, I don’t feel I fit the bill. I suspect that is normal though.

DSC_7997 DSC_8018 DSC_8024

Pics from my birthday walk with Hollis.


Magnus returned from a scout campout with brown legs and arms and a pink neck and cheeks. I guess sunscreen will be in his pack for next time.

Bron and I, with some help from Thisbe, planted some peas in a large pot, crossing our fingers we can enjoy a few pods before it is time to move.

Thisbe gathered and filled another jar with walnut shells found beneath our oak trees.

I noticed splatters of pink smoothie on the stair well walls and walked by without cleaning it up. Don’t judge but it is still there.

Almost Time

I am getting excited to get going and finish up these quilts. I’ve got the first top and back pressed and ready to go. To be honest this top is my least favorite. So, to get it out of the way, if you will, I am quilting it first.


There is an orange fairy costume that comes before I will let myself even baste this one. Oh and I still need to get some batting. Details




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