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A photo walk

Today I actually got out with the sole purpose of taking some pictures. Well some adult conversation as well. Funny thing though, I forgot my camera and was stuck using my phone. Regardless, I feel like celebrating because I went. 



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Well, it happened. I turned 38. Funny though, when I imagine what 38 years is like, I don’t feel I fit the bill. I suspect that is normal though.

DSC_7997 DSC_8018 DSC_8024

Pics from my birthday walk with Hollis.

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To be completely honest,  as I drove into town, our NEW TOWN, this summer, I wasn’t really impressed with the scenery. I saw pretty trees, lots of green, there was rolling hills around but nothing really caught my eye. This is probably because I was a little distracted by the fact I had just left MY HOME with all of its accompanying friends, oh the friends…sigh, and was starting  over yet again. The weeks started rolling by, much quicker than normal and I had come to love this new home of ours. THE PEOPLE, oh the people,  are fantastic. I have never felt more at ease in a new location… EVER.  No instant best friends for any of us but lots of really kind, genuine, friendly, down to earth people who have made this the easiest transition to date.  However…

I still hadn’t been inspired by the nature in my surroundings. No biggie but pretty unusual. That is until I talked one of my new walking buddies to take me some parks I saw the map. This is where I saw for the first time, or maybe finally opened my eyes a bit, I saw something beautiful, and INSPIRING.

No it wasn’t the ancient ruins in Turkey, or beautiful sunsets along the water in Mississippi, not my ever favorite mountain in the back ground or a dense forest with a winding path, it was something different yet familiar and wonderful.

285 286 288 289 290 291

These pics can also be found on my photography website.

I swear my walking buddy thought I was crazy. It might be the fact that I was overly excited and even a bit emotional. For me, at this park, I found the piece I’d been missing. Finally I realized… I am HOME.

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Trying out instagram


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 My favorites this week are the ones of Bron and Hollis. I really love Bronwyn’s new toothless smile but it is the coloring of this one that makes it my favorite. To get this look all I had to do was decrease saturation of color and put a warm filter on her eyes to give them their color back. I really love how this looks. The one of Hollis in the stroller is my favorite because of the lighting. This one was an accident. I was just sitting on the porch after a walk playing with white balance, trying to figure it all out, and this nice relaxing picture came from it. I think the white balance was set at daylight but I’m not sure. I loved it so much I didn’t even edit other than sharpening it.

The beginning excitement is now starting to fade but I still love the time I spend taking and editing pictures.

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Do I dare start a year long challenge??? I don’t have the best track record with following through with things so I’m scared to announce here that I have.

I’ve had this nagging feeling for quite a few years now that I need to figure out how to use my camera and it is time to get down to business and just do it. My good photographer friend generously sold (practically gave) me her “old” Nikon D70 with 4 lenses and that was the just the jumpstart that I needed.

Enter 365 Photography Challenge

I’ve decided that I’m going have a post everyday on a new blog for an entire year. I’m not committing to take a new picture everyday or edit or even writing a new post (thank you delayed publishing) everyday but my goal is to have a new post show up everyday in this new space for a year.  My hope is that this will encourage me to use my camera and my editing software and (crossing my fingers) figure it all out.

Right away I realized that I am such an amateur and really even a beginner. I took photography classes in both high school and college but never really took the lessons seriously and so I didn’t internalize much and have so far to go. It’s actually really embarrassing to be posting this here at all. But I trust that as with anything I’ve ever worked at, it gets better with time and practice.

Here is a link to my new home for photography. Please don’t feel obligated to stop by, it is pretty raw, but feel free to visit anytime if your interested in my photography journey.  Since photography is now one of the “crafty” things that keep me up at night I want to include a portion of this journey here. The plan is to give a weekly overview about what I’ve learned and post my pics for the week.

Here are my first 4 pics. Looking at these I am so humbled. I have so far to go. I think they are nice and a good start but far from what I wanted my camera and software to create. I just need to remember to have patience and keep it up.

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Made the Cut


Well, I have officially decided to not cut this blog out of my life. Didn’t know I was thinking about it? Well, I was. Since I am tired of feeling guilty about not posting here I decided to set a goal and write here weekly. I’ve found a two hour bit of time in my life, once a week, that if I am prepared I can sit and upload pictured and actually think about writing a blog post.


The sad thing though is the fact that nothing has been going on. I started a project a few weeks ago… but haven’t touched it since. No new pictures had been taken. Nothing. Well, one thing has been going on. We decided to homeschool Bronwyn this year for first grade. It has been going smoothly and because of it I have this 2 hours where I sit at a table waiting for her while she enjoys an awesome art class and PE. Hollis is still young enough to sleep through most of it and so my blogging time has been discovered, but what to talk about??? Hmm.



Knowing that I didn’t have much prepared to post about today I snapped a quick picture of Bron as we were leaving. Nothing exciting happening at the time but I love the fact that she was so proud of her stripy outfit. She was beaming anytime anyone noticed it today. People can be so nice to notice and say something.  So, since I couldn’t get the Wi-Fi working during my 2 hours I spent the time reading my camera manual (again) and playing in photoshop and am just blogging about it all tonight.




Here is the original and my favorite manipulations of the picture I snapped of Bron today.




Plastic Wrap (kinda creepy; just looking at it make it hard for me to breathe)





Gradient Map (not sure what that means)




Sketch Photocopy (my favorite)



Find Edges (very close second)

Well, thats all I’ve got for today. See you next week.








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