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The top is complete. Once I figured out how to keep all the blocks in order and turned the right direction, things sped up and I finished it that same afternoon.    

For the pattern I used this tutorial. This is not my first time making this quilt but it is the first time I used her suggestion for color balance and I am really glad I did. I love how this turned out. 

  Later that evening we ALL went out trick or treating. Well Dave and I just walked with the kids. But the big kids went trick or treating too. At 17 and 14 the big kids are getting pretty old but I really enjoyed doing this activity as a family this year. And I am pretty sure it will be the last year for at least one of them.  

 Becasue I still haven’t  decided on backing fabric and still need batting for the quilt, I decided to make a Jack Rabbit with the scraps to go along with the quilt. She is all stuffed now but needs her head attached. As soon as I make it back to the store to pick up some floss for a face I will get her all put together. I still can’t decide if she needs a skirt or a dress though. We shall see. 


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Early Mornings (right now) 

(Waiting in the car during early morning seminary)

With all the moves we do and as the kids grow and hit different stages in their life, our schedules and routines have to follow suit. What worked one year, one month and sometimes even one week may not work now.

But right NOW, this moment in our family’s life, this is my early morning routine. It was wonderful to savor and reflect on such ordinary moments with these people I live with and bask in the joy and peace they bring. Also to consider ways that I can strengthen my relationships with them, even at this early hour.

4:45am – My alarm goes off. It is such a shock and I regret that I didn’t set it for 4:35 so I could push the snooze. Regardless of the need to get up, I lay in bed a couple of minutes, notice Dave sleeping next to me, adjust my body so I can relax for a moment with my hand resting against his warm body.

5:52 – It’s late, so I hurry out of bed, potty, get dressed, pull my hair up into a sloppy bun, and head to the little kids room, in the dark, using my phone flashlight app to light the way.

5:55 – I enter their room, place the phone on the dresser with the light pointing to the ceiling to softly illuminate the room. After a second or two to admire Hollis’ chubby cheeks framed in his new haircut, I adjust his body so he is laying the right direction and cover him properly in hopes that he will sleep comfortably until 8:00am.

Next I move over to Bron’s bed. She is wrapped up tightly in a thick grandpa made blanket. As I peel the blanket off her, she begins to stretch and I react to this movement by sliding her legs over to the side of the bed. By the time her legs reach the edge, she wakes up enough to stumble across the room and wait at the door for me to illuminate the way. Before leaving the room I glance around to see that everything is in order and then quietly close the door.

Following Bron to my room, I stop at the door, illuminating the room ceiling until she slides into my bed. I like to imagine she is snuggling up to her dad, adjusting for a few moments until she is still. I close the door partiality and head to Thisbe’s room.

Thisbe sleeps completely covered and so I can turn the light on right away without shocking her. She hears me as I unplug her fan and I ask her if she is awake. After I have been reassured, I head to the school room where I plug in the fan, turn on my exercise video, slip on my shoes and head to the fridge for the spray bottle.

5:02 – It’s late! I walk over to Magnus’ room and before turning on the light I spritz his face (per his request) with the cold water. Before I leave I spritz his face a couple more times as he tries to hide it, assuring me he is up. I ask if he is sure and then take the bottle back to the fridge.

Finally, I start my video and slowly work out the kinks in body.

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Finding Peace with the Pain

I have been very hesitant to share this part of my life. It has so many feelings attached to it. Some really painful ones and really many that I just don’t understand yet.  However, I feel like I should at least attemp to document this time in our family’s life. 

I can not tell the whole story though. It is way to much for me to try and digest. In fact, right now all I can really wrap my brain around is a small part of MY experience. Some sadness, how I coped, and a little about what I learned.

So… Dave deployed. He packed up all that he needed for 6 months into a large duffle bag, kissed his family goodbye and left the country. 

I won’t talk about his experience but I do want to show this pic. 

This picture make me laugh every time I look at it. It is his first time participating in Mustache March. I can’t decide if I am happy or sad I never got to kiss him with that thing on his upper lip. But apparently if anyone can pull off a mustache, he can. 

To keep it simple (mostly because I lack the ability to understand let alone explain all those feelings I experienced) lets just say, I was really really sad to have him gone. I have never lost a close loved one to death and so I can not say this from experience but it felt like I was mourning him like I would if he had died. My heart was broken.  

This was a new depth of heart ache for me and it caught me off guard. I would love to say that I handled it gracefully but I didn’t. I did the best I could though and don’t have any regrets. 

I may have handled it better if I was only dealing with my own personal emotions. I don’t live alone though, and had 4 struggling children in the home with me. To be honest it was not always pretty and we definitely had our ugly moments of struggle but…


And I would even say we came out stronger. Well I guess I can only speak for myself here; I made it out stronger and as a mother I can tell our family is stronger and more united because of it. I would even go as far as saying I am grateful for the experience. 

As far as the coping goes, I relied on my faith and the testimony I have of our savior Jesus Christ more than I ever have. His grace is the only reason I made it. It became absolutely clear to me the difference between my own ability and the strength He provided. I never had relief from the pain in my heart but I had so many blessings to feel grateful for that I had peace with the pain. 

I think that is all I want to say about this right now. 

Anyway, he’s back and we are finding a normal again with his transition back into the home, a new season, and the start of a new school year. 

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Swimming season is upon us and the girls have signed up for swim team. There’s nothing like scheduling something for every single weekday, for a handful of weeks, to speed up time a bit. 

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My beautiful daughter went to her first formal dance. Even a few days before the dance she was beaming with excitement and anticipation. It is really fun having a child old enough to be experiencing these types of things.

Prom1 Prom2 Prom3 Prom4 Prom5.1 Prom5 Prom6 Prom7 Prom8

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A couple of weeks ago we had a huge storm in our neighborhood. Like many roofs now need replacing and many cars need body work due to the wind and hail. This is the night we decided to go camping.

Don’t worry we were not camping in our neighborhood and missed out on the hail. We were close though and got quite the surprise at 3:00 in the morning while all snug in our tents.

A night to remember for sure.

In the morning we found a few displaced critters including this spider.  To be honest, it seems kind of small now that I look at the pictures but we were all a little uncomfortable with the idea of him being under our tent.

I am glad we braved the rain though. We weren’t expecting such an exciting night but memories we definitely made.

And the next day…Sun


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Toilet Paper Babies

Sometimes as a mother I get distracted and then notice that my two year old is being really quiet and I haven’t heard from him for a while.  I know you mothers out there know just what I’m talking about. Right?? 

Well, this time it was me realizing that Hollis was still in the bathroom and it has been quite some time. I peeked in to find him arranging a completely unrolled (a fresh roll no less) roll of toilet paper into a nice pile. He was so proud and stood up and declared “Baby!!” 

Not sure what he was talking about I asked him what he was doing and he started to gather this large pile of tissue and declared “Baby!” 

He quickly left the bathroom with as much of his pile he could carry and started talking about a blanket and wasn’t satisfied until I had it all wrapped up. 


It’s a good thing he’s so cute…

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