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Early this week I finished up the quilt and bunny and got them into their new owners hands.  

 Bunny Pattern and Quilt Tutorial

I really like how both of them turned out. Now I am daydreaming about how I want to make my next quilt. Something for Christmas maybe??


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Next Up Quilting

The bunny is done, back is pieced and basting is complete; now I just need a window of time to get started on the quilting.   

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The top is complete. Once I figured out how to keep all the blocks in order and turned the right direction, things sped up and I finished it that same afternoon.    

For the pattern I used this tutorial. This is not my first time making this quilt but it is the first time I used her suggestion for color balance and I am really glad I did. I love how this turned out. 

  Later that evening we ALL went out trick or treating. Well Dave and I just walked with the kids. But the big kids went trick or treating too. At 17 and 14 the big kids are getting pretty old but I really enjoyed doing this activity as a family this year. And I am pretty sure it will be the last year for at least one of them.  

 Becasue I still haven’t  decided on backing fabric and still need batting for the quilt, I decided to make a Jack Rabbit with the scraps to go along with the quilt. She is all stuffed now but needs her head attached. As soon as I make it back to the store to pick up some floss for a face I will get her all put together. I still can’t decide if she needs a skirt or a dress though. We shall see. 

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A little trick

Happy Halloween!!

This Halloween day is pretty quiet. All costume prep is done, a simple dinner is planned and ready to go and so I am spending a little time on  my new project. 

A trick? 

Well I discovered that if I mark my blocks with a washable marker I can keep track of my rows and columns much easier. When assembling a quilt top I mess up the order of the blocks frequently. I have tried taking a picture of the blocks all places in order and referring to it as needed in the past but with this quilt and with many of the blocks looking so similar I was getting fustruated by it.  

 I sure wish I had thought of this before. 

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Some Pink and Gold

   It has been quite a while since I cut into fabric for a quilt. I am pretty excited. 

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Almost Time

I am getting excited to get going and finish up these quilts. I’ve got the first top and back pressed and ready to go. To be honest this top is my least favorite. So, to get it out of the way, if you will, I am quilting it first.


There is an orange fairy costume that comes before I will let myself even baste this one. Oh and I still need to get some batting. Details



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Some Extra Time

My free time at home is pretty limited. Having only one kid at home during the day, a busy toddler no less, really sucks it all up. If any time presents it’s self I have to choose between so many things I want to do. A nap usually wins. (Early morning seminary and late evening Dr Who episodes with my husband, makes for a tired mama.) However, I have had a few days with extra free time. I would set a 30 minute timer for the nap and wake up and sew or read a book.
Right now I reading a David A. Bednar book called Increase in Learning. My mom sent me an early birthday present of this and two other of his books.
For sewing, I’ve been working on my last penny patch quilt. I have all the squares completed and am hoping for some extra time so I can sew them all together.

Once I get the top and back done I can measure all the quilts and figure out how much batting I need to get. I think a 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby will be helpful with this purchase.

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