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A little crafting has been going on around here. I made myself a fabric fauxdori (Madori Travelers Notebook) a few weeks back along with some trial inserts. After using it for a few weeks trying out different types of notebooks, I decided that I needed a bunch of lined notebooks for journaling and scripture study and a few custom list notebooks for my routine. So I made some. A beautiful rainbow of them. 

For the notebooks I followed this tutorial. To make the lines on the paper I just opened a Word document and set the page up with two columns and filled the pages with underscore lines. 


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These are my final two presents for this month.

First up…

Library Tote with a zipper. It took a few tries but I figured out how to put in a zipper on top. Not in a way I previously imagined but functional and cute none the less. In the process I had to give up the idea of having piping on the top as well but I still love it and will have to make one like this for my own.

Next up…

Another set of Fabric Notecards. Again with Amy Butler fabric but this time with two decor weight Lark prints. With this heavier weight fabric attached to the cards they feel even more glorious than the last bunch of cards.

Well, I hope you’ll enjoy these last two gifts. Now it is time for me to squeeze in one last camping trip before it gets too hot. This time just the moms in charge. I can’t wait.

***Just a heads up, incase I don’t get in another post before Monday. I will be closing comments on all April 2012 posts as soon as I wake up on my birthday. (Monday morning if you haven’t been keeping track)***

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I love love love these notecards. The sets I’m adding today were made prior to this month but I am so happy to be sharing them with you. There is just something about fabric and paper that makes me happy.

I hope you enjoy them as well.

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Making cards is a little addicting. I’ll need to watch myself.

Here are a couple more sets. Again I have no plans for these, so into the shop they go.

All tied up

All tied up

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It’s been awhile.

I’ve sure missed working like this with my hands

I love it.

Feels so good.

I think I’ll do it again soon. All of it.

Freshly Spun

Freshly Spun

Fabric Note Cards

Fabric Card

Fabric Card

Fabric Card

Fabric Card

No real purpose for these, so, into the shop they go.

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I’ve closed out my shop and added this covered notebook to my give away.


Does it look familiar?

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I finally put this linen to use. And I actually did it in the way I had originally envisioned.

Linen Covered Notebook by you.

Linen Covered Notebook Side View by you.

I have never had much exposure to linen, only a dress that was hardly worn because I had to iron it, every time.

I had been seeing more and more linen out in blogland with crafts and was falling in love with the look of it. I had to have some for myself.

I am loving it so much. The wrinkles that bothered me so much with my dress are not an issue for some reason. I almost like it a little better this way, it feels more loved and homey or something.

Anyway I am very happy how this notebook cover turned out. I didn’t even have to piece the cotton strip. I had some scraps from this quilt that were already sewn together. I may have to make another soon.

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