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Early this week I finished up the quilt and bunny and got them into their new owners hands.  

 Bunny Pattern and Quilt Tutorial

I really like how both of them turned out. Now I am daydreaming about how I want to make my next quilt. Something for Christmas maybe??


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Next Up Quilting

The bunny is done, back is pieced and basting is complete; now I just need a window of time to get started on the quilting.   

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The top is complete. Once I figured out how to keep all the blocks in order and turned the right direction, things sped up and I finished it that same afternoon.    

For the pattern I used this tutorial. This is not my first time making this quilt but it is the first time I used her suggestion for color balance and I am really glad I did. I love how this turned out. 

  Later that evening we ALL went out trick or treating. Well Dave and I just walked with the kids. But the big kids went trick or treating too. At 17 and 14 the big kids are getting pretty old but I really enjoyed doing this activity as a family this year. And I am pretty sure it will be the last year for at least one of them.  

 Becasue I still haven’t  decided on backing fabric and still need batting for the quilt, I decided to make a Jack Rabbit with the scraps to go along with the quilt. She is all stuffed now but needs her head attached. As soon as I make it back to the store to pick up some floss for a face I will get her all put together. I still can’t decide if she needs a skirt or a dress though. We shall see. 

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Some sewing and some snow

I took advantage of nap time and got a bit of sewing in yesterday. I’m a little more than a third of the way done with my pink, red and green penny patches. Yay!

I am so glad my little boy is napping again. He had us scared there for a week or so. I did have to wake him though, to get the big kids today and his cheeks were rosy. Hopefully he isn’t getting sick.

On the note of picking up the kids- It started snowing a few minutes before I left to get them. Upon arrival, one didn’t take my advice and had bare red arms and the other was bundled up appropriately. I love that I didn’t have to say a word and can know that my point had been made. A little silent I told you so smile, if you will. Ha!

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Reds, Pinks and Greens

Penny Patch quilt number two is all prepped and ready to start sewing.

(not so) Funny thing happened.
I cut all the way through my cutting board. Right along the ten inch line. Right onto the table. Never thought about that happening.

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I think I am done with my crochet project. Well, I can’t decide. Maybe I’ll be finished for this year and work on it again for next year. Maybe not.

Quite a few years ago I purchased some yarn to make coordinating Christmas stocking for our family. I started out with Bron’s and then one for me because that is what we needed for that year. That is as far as I got. Mostly because I had altered a pattern to make the first two but lost my notes and then lost the pattern and could never find it again. (honestly I didn’t look too hard) I also started dealing with tendentious in my wrists which put all knitting to a halt and I quickly moved on to other types of projects. A few years later I tried to pick up where I left off but stopped just as quickly and decided that if we were to have matching stocking they would have to be sewn. This left the yarn in a box to collect dust and move to Turkey and on to Mississippi and now Nebraska. Last month enough time had passed and I was officially ready to move on and put that yarn to use in a different project. Not surprisingly on that same day I came across this tutorial. If you go and take a look at the link I bet you will be able to tell what happened first. I was smitten.

At first I wanted mine to have cream as a border as well but quickly realized that I didn’t have enough of that color or any one color to make that happen. So I went with it and was busy for a few weeks on all 50 squares.

I bound mine together using the same tutorial linked to, using the darker of the two colors. However, since I had different colors at each corner I decided to just skip the corners altogether leaving a diamond shaped opening instead. This is where I run into trouble deciding if I am done or not. I could close the opening with the darkest of colors and it actually looks good too. I would even say that I like it better. However, I really don’t like weaving in loose ends and that would be a lot of loose ends to take care of. So, we shall see if I get around to it next year. For now, I will pretend it is done.



IMG_1163As you can see my Christmas Countdown made it out another year. I had thoughts of making another but have decided that  this one works just fine. If I ever make it again, it will be for my grandchildren (haha my oldest is only 15) and then I can make the changes I want.


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We are having a beautiful day here in Mississippi. I am really going to miss all this sunshine  and warmth when we move.

These next two gifts are my final presents for this years Birthday Give Away. I love how happy they are, all sunny and yellow. The first bag is Flower Sac with a zipper pocket on the inside and the second is a Library Tote with the straps sewn to the outside and an outside pocket on both the front and the back between them.

IMG_0972 IMG_0974 IMG_0977 IMG_0979 I hope you love them.


Tomorrow is the big day. I am getting so excited!!. If you would like to be in the drawing for any of the items in my birthday give away, comment on any or all of my April 2013 posts. You will receive one entry for each post commented on. I will close comments tomorrow around 12:00pm and choose and announce winners as soon as I can after that. I ended up having some time this morning and  so I closed the comments so I could get started. Hooray!!!

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