Today I woke up with my heart just burning with love. Gods love for me but also love for my life.
After a couple of days of fighting almost opposite feelings (hormones??) it was so wonderful to see things clearly.

While watching my daughter walk into Seminary this love and peace was almost overflowing. I felt so proud and honored to be her mother. This girl, my first born, the one who made me a mother, has taught me so much.

At home, I watched my 8 year old proudly using her new skill of tying her own shoes. I thought about the day before on the couch, assuring her that if she tried it 200 times she would have it. (isn’t it funny that I was teaching this at 8?) She was beaming as she wiped away her tears. ” It didn’t even take close to that many times.”  I wouldn’t have traded that moment with her for anything.

Then there was the moment at the dentist. I watched this mature woman,
probably the age of my mother, lift and even more mature woman (her own mother??) out of the car and into a wheelchair. At this point things were overflowing. I watched and was filled with love for my own parents and inlaws. Will I get to have the honor of being there for them, and serve them in the way that they served my husband and I so many years ago. Oh, how I wish we lived closer.

Oh this life! Isn’t it wonderful, that we have people to share it with? People to love and be loved by. Those to teach and be taught by. Mouths to kiss and bodies to hold. Moments to share and treasure.
Today my heart is just burning.

Some Extra Time

My free time at home is pretty limited. Having only one kid at home during the day, a busy toddler no less, really sucks it all up. If any time presents it’s self I have to choose between so many things I want to do. A nap usually wins. (Early morning seminary and late evening Dr Who episodes with my husband, makes for a tired mama.) However, I have had a few days with extra free time. I would set a 30 minute timer for the nap and wake up and sew or read a book.
Right now I reading a David A. Bednar book called Increase in Learning. My mom sent me an early birthday present of this and two other of his books.
For sewing, I’ve been working on my last penny patch quilt. I have all the squares completed and am hoping for some extra time so I can sew them all together.

Once I get the top and back done I can measure all the quilts and figure out how much batting I need to get. I think a 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby will be helpful with this purchase.

A special thank you to a thoughtful reader. Tia of Julibeans rebuilt the pdf for my Bear and Bunny Pattern to include the missing instructions for the jacket. Thank you so much.

The link in Patterns and Tutorials has been updated and you can also click on the picture below.


Yellow, Purple and Grey

We enjoyed a simple conference weekend. As of now we have not maintained any traditions around this twice yearly two day event. Well other than the actual gathering and watching it as a family.
This year we had an active, mobile, noisy toddler with us. I don’t remember Hollis being much of a disturbance in October but boy things were different this time. There was the normal happy toddler noises but also the desperately trying to get your attention, throw a toy at your head things too. At one point he was dive bombing people from the couch. Ouch.

Funny Hollis Story

I am pretty sure he assumed that each person speaking was simply give a very long prayer. When he noticed the person talking on the computer he would fold his arms and close his eyes super tight and start mimicking what the speaker was saying. Slowly we’d see his eyes start to open and then he’d shut them tight again, continuing to mimic what the speaker was saying. After a few moments he would get bored and wander the living room and play until he noticed the speaker again. Quickly he’d close his eyes and fold his arms and repeat.

Such a cutie.

By the end of each two hour session he was pretty crazy and loud. I wondered more than once why we were even bothering watching conference. I always concluded that it was well worth any disruption. If not for the message it’s self then for the tradition of gathering.

Today I revisited the Sunday morning session and listened to it while I did some sewing. David A Bednar’s talk was very enlightening. (hmm, how did I miss this talk? Maybe it was the crazy toddler insisting on riding my leg like a horse) I had one of those, this talk was written just for me moments. If not, it was something, I too, really needed to hear.


So about these quilt blocks.

These belong to my last Penny Patch quilt made from my scraps. I am really loving the yellow, purple, and grey combo. I didn’t give much forethought to this or any of the other penny patch scrap color combos. These were just what I had left. My hope is that I can continue to find time to revisit conference,  during Hollis’ nap time, down in my little sewing nook. I am itching to complete this top so I can move on to quilting. This one will make 5 quilts that will be ready to be quilted. Three penny patches and two baby quilts for gifts. I suppose the baby quilts should be done first since those little girls will be born in the next few months but the kids are hoping I get to work on the penny patch they have claimed for themselves.


“Mama, mama”




Hollis surprised us by walking towards me, arms out stretched, saying “Mama…Mama.” This was followed my me scooping him up and getting the biggest hug ever. I hugged and squeezed him till he just about popped.

This little guy only uses a few words and none consistently. So this “Mama!” was so very special. Thank you Hollis, you definitely made my year.


This weekend our family will be camping out in the living room to watch General Conference. I love this time of year and encourage you to join us in listening to a prophets voice. You can find it here.

Letting Go

IMG_1539 IMG_1541 IMG_1543 IMG_1545 IMG_1548

(Pictures from my walk yesterday)

If there is one thing that I am pretty good at, it is not over scheduling myself. When there are too many too dos on the list my brain seizes, anxiety sets in, I turn into Sargent Mom, and no body is happy. I know this about me. So, I try to plan accordingly.

Sometimes you just can’t avoid it. If I know this kind of day is coming and I don’t let the thought of it overwhelm me so I can think straight, I usually do as much prep work that I can. You know, do and extra load of laundry the day before if it can’t wait. If dinner is complicated and I can’t change it, I try to as much chopping and what not the night before. Things like that.

Well, today is one of those days. I did as much prep work that I could and knew in advance things would be a little crazy. Said major prayers that I wouldn’t say anything I would regret and just left the day up to God. If I had to miss an appointment because one went too long or if the kitchen was a total disaster, I would just have to let it go. I would do my best.

Napping – totally out of the question. Blogging – not today. Ha!

Should I be surprised? NO!

One of the things I need to work on in letting go. Just doing my best and leaving the rest up to God. It always works out if I do.

Today I ended up with a three hour break. Three hours! I got a restful nap, dinner ready to slide into the oven later, pictures uploaded, and a this blog post written.

I do still need to prepare for anticipated crazy days. However once I’ve done what I can I just need to let go and let it play out.


It’s April!!

April is MY month. My name and also my birth month.

6 years ago (if I did my math right) I got tired of being sad on my birthday and decided to do something for myself that at that time I desperately needed. 2008 my Birthday Give-Away was born. Fast forward some years, and in 2013 (last year) I officially decided to move on. While I still enjoyed the give away part I didn’t need an excuse to sew or create any more.

For a few months now I have been trying to decide what to do this month. I don’t want to undo all my birthday loving progress and so something must be planned.

This year I have decided to force myself to go outside. I have been hiding in my house way to much this winter and with the lovely spring weather here more than not, I have no excuses and need to fix that bad habit. So, everyday, I am going to go outside. I’m not talking about the time I pack up Hollis in the car and take and pick up the kids from school. I’m talking about taking the time to BE outside and enjoy everything that I love about being there.

I am also taking this month to do some soul searching. I have some big and I mean BIG changes that need to happen in my life and I am absolutely sure that it is time to make them happen. Now! I have been working on things actively for these same 6 years but really there are things that I have been trying to understand most of my life. I feel like I have learned all that I can for now and just need to get to work and make things happen.

Enter this acorn.



I was drawn to this acorn the first time I saw it. Just sitting in the tree while all the other acorns have long fallen or been plucked by squirrels from the tree. I would come out and check on it from time to time to see if it had finally fallen to the ground but it was always there. I started to think that this acorn was a metaphor for my life. Ha! But what? Hmmm. The acorn represents new life. It’s just sitting in the tree past it’s season. Hmm. Last month I found myself checking it almost daily to see if was still there. Yep it was. 

I came the conclusion that the metaphor was that I too was clinging on to a part of my life that was preventing me from progressing any further. I had everything I needed inside me but I just needed to get uncomfortable and let go.  

I watched it for a few days. Shook the branch. Wiggled it. Hmm. Sunday I was looking at it and just reached out and plucked it off.


I was shocked I did it. I knew that the metaphor was complete. I had just made the decision to move forward and make the changes. I was ready to be uncomfortable and embrace whatever comes.

I know that I am ready and am actually pretty excited to explore some things this month.

About a week ago I had the thought that if I was going to let go of some things I need to have something to replace them. So for this month I am going to search out who I am. Not who I have been hiding behind but the person the Heavenly Father knows that I am and get to work on becoming who He knows I can become.

I’m not really sure what will happen this month but I know that I want to start by exploring this talk. (check it out) I’ll just have to see where it leads me.



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